Lectures On The First Corinthians 1 – (Other Language)


Chapter 1. Paul Became An Apostle In The Providence Of God
1. An Apostle And A Servant Of God
2. Salvation Through God The Trinity
3. For All To Agree
4. Christ Is The Wisdom And Power Of God
5. Boast In The Lord

Chapter 2. God’s Wisdom
1. The Manifestation Of Power Through The Spirit
2. The Way Of The Cross, The Wisdom Of God
3. God’s Grace Understood Through The Holy Spirit
4. Spiritual Things Are Discerned Through The Spirit

Chapter 3. We Are God’s Temple
1. The Corinthian Church Belonged To The Flesh
2. God Causes The Growth
3. A Wise Master Builder
4. Each One’s Work
5. Destroying The Temple Of God
6. Worldly Wisdom Is Foolish

Chapter 4. Be Imitators Of Me
1. Requirements Of Servants Who Are Stewards
2. How Is A Man Justified?
3. Do Not Exceed The Word
4. Be Imitators Of Me
5. Power And Ability Through The Kingdom Of God

Chapter 5. Lessons On Adultery
1. How To Deal With Sexual Immorality
2. Get Rid Of Old Leaven
3. Don’t Associate With Immoral People

Chapter 6. Lawsuits Among Believers
1. Problems Among The Church Members
2. Saints Will Judge The World
3. To Their Shame
4. Sins Leading To Death
5. What Should We Live For?
6. Spiritual Meaning Of Prostitute

Chapter 7. Marriage
1. Desirable Marriage Life
2. Spiritual Meaning Of ‘Depriving’
3. “I Wish That All Men Were Even As I Myself Am”
4. Divorce
5. According To The Measure Of Faith
6. The Difference Between “Outward Deeds”and “Keeping The Commandments”
7. It Is Good For A Man To Remain As He Is
8. The Circumstances Of Parents Of A Virgin Daughter Or For Widows And Widowers

Additional Info
“We may sometimes commit sins while we think we are living in the truth. Then, we will have difficulties and some kinds of uncomfortable feelings in us. It is because the Holy Spirit is groaning in us for He has to dwell in filth.”

Corinth at the time of Paul was a busy city with many people from various cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds. There were definitive social classes and the population worshipped a number of different gods.
There was also a great deal of moral corruption. Living under such conditions, the believers in the church of Corinth had many conflicts and problems.
Furthermore, since the church was newly established, they had difficulties in leading a life in faith. To help them lead a mature Christian life, the apostle Paul gave them biblical answers to many such questions and problems. In today’s complex society it is important that we carefully learn and understand its content.
This book explains how to understand and practice the matters related with strife, evangelism, marriage, idolatry, and the spiritual gifts.


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