Kids Travel Guide To The Beatitudes


Kids’ Travel Guide To The Beatitudes

Explore What Jesus Shared In The Sermon On The Mount!

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Jesus Wants To Be Our Friend.

The Crowds Follow Jesus

We Want To Follow Jesus.

The Sermon On The Mount

Following Jesus’ Teaching Changes Our Hearts For Good.

God Blesses Those Who Are Poor

God Is With Us When We’re In Need.

God Blesses Those Who Are Sad

God Comforts Us When We Hurt.

God Blesses Those Who Are Gentle And Kind

God Will Reward Us In Heaven.

God Blesses Those Who Are Fair

God Makes Everything Right.

God Blesses Those Who Are Merciful

God Is Kind To Us.

God Blesses Those Whose Hearts Are Pure

God Helps Us Know Him.

God Blesses Those Who Work For Peace

God Calls Us His Children.

God Blesses Those Who Are Punished For Doing Right

God Takes Care Of Us.

God Blesses Those Who Are Made Fun Of

God Says We Belong To Him.

A Great Reward Awaits

God Wants Us To Live For Him.

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Jesus left no doubt that being a Christian can be hard; but because of God’s promises, each of us can experience his blessings. These 13 Sunday school lessons help kids discover a wealth of wisdom about how to live a life full of blessings-even when things get tough. And they’ll learn firsthand about all the wonderful ways God shows his love in their lives, no matter the circumstances.

All of the hands-on sessions include loads of Scripture, activities, and mementos to help kids learn for a lifetime. Plus, you get heaps of easy teacher tips and extra creative options to make the most of your sessions. Pack your bags and buckle up for an adventure full of surprises with Jesus!


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Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2013
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