Jesuit Martyrs Of North America


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Between the years 1642 and 1649 eight members of the Society of Jesus were killed in North America after brutal torture by the Iroquois. These Jesuits had worked diligently to bring the native Americans of the region of what is now Upper New York and Canada to the Catholic faith.

Five of the eight North American martyrs were put to death in what is now Canada, and three of them in New York State. The names of the eight North American martyrs are:

*Saint Rene Goupil
*Saint Isaac Jogues
*Saint John de Laland
*Saint Anthony Daniel
*Saint John de Brebeuf
*Saint Charles Garnier
*Saint Noel Chabanel
*Saint Gabriel Lalemant

Saint Isaac Jogues, after thirteen months’ imprisonment by the Mohawks, had several fingers cut off of his hand. He went back to Europe, but returned again to North America and was killed by tomahawk blows at Ossernenon, now called Auriesville, in New York State. Saint John de Brebeuf declared before he died, “I have a strong desire to suffer for Jesus Christ.” He was tortured terribly, and a burning torch was put into his mouth, which strangled him.

Saint Rene Goupil, thirty-five, was the youngest of the martyrs, and cried “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” as he died. Saint Noel Chabanel was thirty-six, and Saint Isaac Jogues and Saint Gabriel Lalemant were thirty-nine. The oldest of the eight North American martyrs, Saint John de Brebeuf, was fifty-six when the Indians killed him.

They were canonized June 29 of 1930 by Pope Pius XI. Their memorial is October 19, and Spetember 26 in Canada.


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