Introduccion A La Teologia Del – (Spanish)


Introduccion a la Teologia del Nuevo mundo de Oscar Garcia Johnson es el primer volumen de siete de la serie Teologia del Nuevo Mundo del mismo autor.

Este libro es el primer volumen, de una serie de siete volumenes, que tiene como objetivo introducir la vision general de la teologia del Nuevo Mundo y su ubicacion social y cognitiva. Tambien, busca proveer el lenguaje y la metodologia del quehacer teologico del Nuevo Mundo.

Contiene cinco capitulos que podrian considerarse avenidas principales:

El primer capitulo, autobiografico, poetico, disruptivo, provocativo y sintetico

El segundo capitulo, expositivo y analitico que busca documentar la problematica continental desde los fenomenos religiosos y politicos en el Sur Global Americano

El capitulo 3 nos lleva a la interrogacion decolonial y busca documentar las tendencias que surgen de espacios

El capitulo 4 nos lleva a la pregunta por que no se ha producido una teologia sistematica propia del Sur Global Americano?

El capitulo 5 se considera como la presentacion formal de la teologia del Nuevo Mundo.
Introduction to New World Theology

Introduction to New World Theology by Oscar Garcia Johnson is the first volume of seven in the New World Theology series by the same author.

This book is the first volume of a seven-volume series that aims to introduce the overview of New World theology and its social and cognitive location. It also seeks to provide the language and methodology of New World theology.

It contains five chapters that could be considered main avenues.

The first chapter is autobiographical, poetic, disruptive, provocative, and synthetic, and trends that we all have and many of us do not even realize it.

The second chapter is more expository and analytical and seeks to document the continental problematic from the religious and political phenomena intertwined in that marvelous space that I call the American Global South.

Chapter 3 takes us to the decolonial interrogation, to the heart of the matter, and seeks to document the tendencies that emerge from spaces that have been created by the global South.

Chapter 4 leads us to the question why has there been no systematic theology of the American Global South of its own? It provides results of ethnographic studies with academic audiences and millennial leaders from both continental spaces, Latin America and the United States.

Chapter 5 can be considered the formal presentation of New World theology. It incl


SKU (ISBN): 9788419055132
Language: Spanish
Oscar Garcia-Johnson
Binding: Mass Market
Published: 2022
Publisher: Editorial Vida



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