Imaginative Prayer : A Yearlong Guide For Your Childs Spiritual Formation


Imaginative Prayer Creedal Poem
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Part I: God’s Love
1. God Loves So Many Things
2. He Loves Me
3. When I Am Lost, He Will Come Looking For Me
4. When I Am Sick, He Wants To Heal Me
5. When I Make Mistakes, He Will Always Have Grace On Me
6. There Is Nothing That Can Separate Me From The Love Of God

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Part II: Loving Others
7. God Invites Us To Live A Life Of Love
8. Love Looks Like Being Patient And Kind And Not Making A List Of People’s Mistakes
9. Love Looks Like Inviting People Who May Be Left Out
10. Love Looks Like Taking Care Of People When They Need Help
11. We Love Others With The Love That God Pours Into Us
12. People Will Know That We Are Followers Of Jesus Because Of Our Love For Each Other

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Part III: Forgiveness
13. Forgiveness Means We Can Have Peace With God
14. Forgiveness Means God Welcomes Anyone
15. Forgiveness Means God Takes Away Our Sin
16. Forgiveness Means We Can Forgive The Sins Of Others
17. When We Forgive, We Will Be Forgiven. When We Give, It Will Be Given Unto Us
18. Love And Forgiveness Make Room For Reconciliation

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Part IV: Jesus Is The King
19. Jesus Is The King Who Came To Undo The Power Of Death
20. Jesus Is The King Who Came To Defeat The Power Of Sin
21. Jesus Is The King Who Came To Defeat The Power Of The Accuser
22. Jesus Is A Faithful King, Even When We Don’t Have Faith
23. We Have Life With God Through The Faithfulness Of Jesus The King
24. God Became King Through Love And Forgiveness

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Part V: The Good News Of God
25. God Made Us A Promise, And It Comes To Us Through Jesus
26. The Good News Of God Comes To Us Through The Words Of Jesus
27. The Good News Of God Comes To Us Through The Life Of Jesus
28. The Good News Of God Comes To Us Through The Death Of Jesus
29. The Good News Of God Comes To Us Through The Resurrection Of Jesus
30. We Receive The Promises Of God When We Choose To Follow Jesus

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Part XI: The Mission Of God
31. When We Choose To Follow Jesus, We Join The Mission Of God To Bring His Love Into The World
32. The Mission Of God Is To Make Everything In The World Good Again
33. The Mission Of God Is To Bring All Things Under The Reign Of King Jesus
34. The Mission Of God Is To Bring Peace And Reconciliation To Everything
35. The Mission Of God Is To Take Away The Veil That Covers Up The Presence Of God
36. God Is At Wo

Additional Info
How do we help our kids connect with God? Most parents want their kids to learn to love God. But most of us struggle to facilitate real spiritual experiences. It’s hard enough to have a meaningful conversation with our kids about spiritual things, let alone help them experience true transformation in the presence of God. Jared Patrick Boyd discovered that children’s spiritual formation is rooted in the imagination. When we lead our children through guided times of imaginative prayer, they can experience a connection with God that transcends mere Bible knowledge or doctrinal content. This unique resource provides six units of weekly guided imaginative prayer, themed around core topics: God’s love, loving others, forgiveness, God as king, the good news of God, and the mission of God. Each unit has six sessions, providing a yearlong experience of spiritual formation for children ages 5-13. Through imaginative prayer you can help your child connect with God. As you do so, you may find yourself connecting more closely with your child, and your own formation as a parent will deepen into greater awareness of God’s work in your lives.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830846252
Jared Boyd
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: InterVarsity Press



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