Holiness And High Country


15 Chapters

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Bodies diseased by malnutrition are a pitiable sight. Minds dwarfed for lack of the opportunity or will to improve them are cause for deep regret. But stunted souls, surrounded by spiritual abundance, are the occasion for greatest lament.

The essentials for growing great souls are enlightenment of the understanding, quickening of the conscience, and nourishment for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. All of these are amply supplied in God’s Word. But most Christians need help to lay hold on its vast resources.

In Holiness And High Country, Dr. Albert F. Harper has made available to all who will spend 10 minutes a day the product of his search and discovery of the hidden treasure of God’s Word.

Anyone who will read this book with willingness to examine himself, and receive the light and walk in it, will find that spiritual reinforcement that will push him out in deeper dedication and stricter disipline of his life. The end result will be a Christian character vital, energetic, and radiant. If one out of every 10 church members will prayerfully read this book, the entire church will witness revival in holy living.


SKU (ISBN): 9780834102323
A. F. Harper
Binding: Kivar
Published: 1965
Publisher: The Foundry Publishing – formerly Beacon Hill Pres

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