Heart Of Singleness


1. The Gift Of Singleness?!
2. Finding A Man
3. Deceived
4. How To Run From God
5. Why To Run To God
6. Singleness: A Gift
7. Satisfied In All Situations
What’s Wrong With Sex Outside Marriage?
What’s Wrong With Marrying A Non-Christian?
Helping Single Friends
Real Faith: Single Women’s Stories
Thank You…

Additional Info
The world tells single women that they most need to find a guy, at least for a night. The church often seems to suggest they most need a husband. Is it really possible to be a single Christian woman and be satisfied?

Andrea Trevenna takes readers to the heart of singleness-to what our hearts need, how they feel, and the ways they can be deceived. She shows that there is a way for singleness not to be at best a quiet regret, and at worst a personal tragedy. She points to the ultimate, and only, place where anyone, single or married, finds true satisfaction-knowing, and enjoying knowing, Christ.

If you are a single woman, whatever your experience of life so far, or if you are a friend of someone who is single, then this short, warm, realistic book is for you.


SKU (ISBN): 9781908762856
Andrea Trevenna
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2013
Live Different
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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