Grieving The Sacred Art


Develop skills of conscious grieving while reclaiming love that transcends death.

Lisa Irish takes grief out of the too-uncomfortable-to-talk-about closet and invites the reader to participate in the process as a conscious griever. Using creative imagery and current research, she offers the reader an adult understanding of the emotional world of loss and provides tools to mindfully participate in grief’s healing role. Without denying the pain of loss, she offers educational and imaginative insights, which deepen the griever’s understanding of the process of loss and helps the griever generate more compassion for his or her personal experience.

Primarily intended for those experiencing grief from the death of a loved one, many of the themes are transferable to the human experience of loss in all its forms. Stories from people in all stages of the grieving process serve as waypoints to help the griever navigate loss. Practical exercises and questions for reflections offer support on the tender and sacred journey through grief to healing.


SKU (ISBN): 9781594736346
Lisa Irish
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing

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