Gods Medicine Cabinet (Reprinted)


OVER 1400 HEALING SCRIPTURES! Introducing, the most exhaustive source of healing Scriptures ever compiled. Now you can have easy access to your God-given healing provision – for all your health issues. This powerful new manual contains over fourteen hundred medicinal Scriptures to minister to your every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing need. Eight hundred of these antidotal Scriptures provide for your physical healing alone. Also included are Scriptures on How to Receive the Promise of Healing; Pain and Suffering Free; How to Live a Long Life; You Are Protected From Sickness and Harm; You Are Called to Heal the Sick and Raise the Dead; and Possible Obstacles to Receiving Healing. This book comes complete with Hebrew and Greek translations, study notes and much, much more. God paid an enormous price for your healing. He sent forth His Word to heal you and He is watching to see that His Word is fulfilled. Commit yourself to praying and having faith in the “living and active” Word. All these healing promises are “‘Yes’ in Christ” to you and your family today. “Next to your Bible, this book will become ragged.” -Sid Roth, Messianic Vision,It’s Supernatural

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SKU (ISBN): 9781597813464
ISBN10: 159781346X
Michael Fugett
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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