Footsteps Of The Lord 2 – (Other Language)


Author’s Note: Following In His Footsteps…

Chapter 11 Jesus Saves Lazarus

1. The Death Of Lazarus (11:1-16)
2. Lazarus Walks Out Of The Tomb (11:17-44)
3. The Conspiracy To Kill Jesus (11:45-57)

Chapter 12 The Victorious Entry Into Jerusalem

1. Mary Prepares For Jesus’ Burial (12:1-11)
2. The Entrance Into Jerusalem (12:12-36)
3. The Teaching Of The Messiah (12:37-50)

Chapter 13 The Last Passover Supper

1. Jesus Washes The Disciples’ Feet (13:1-20)
2. “One Of You Will Betray Me” (13:21-30)
3. “A New Commandment I Give To You” (13:31-38)

Chapter 14 Jesus, The Way, The Truth, And The Life

1. Jesus Comforts The Disciples (14:1-15)
2. Promise Of The Helper, The Holy Spirit (14:16-31)

Chapter 15 Jesus Is The True Vine

1. The Parable Of The Vine And The Branches (15:1-17)
2. The Disciples And The World (15:18-27)

Chapter 16 The Helper, Holy Spirit

1. The Coming And Ministry Of The Holy Spirit (16:1-15)
2. The Prophecy Of Jesus’ Death And Resurrection (16:16-24)
3. Jesus, Who Had Victory Over The World (16:25-33)

Chapter 17 Jesus’ Intercessory Prayer

1. A Prayer For Taking Up The Cross (17:1-5)
2. A Prayer For The Disciples (17:6-19)
3. A Prayer For The Believers (17:20-26)

Chapter 18 Jesus, Who Suffered

1. Judas Iscariot, The One Who Betrayed Jesus (18:1-14)
2. Jesus Stands Before The High Priests (18:15-27)
3. Jesus Stands Before Pilate (18:28-40)

Chapter 19 Jesus On The Cross

1. Pilate Authorizes The Death Sentence (19:1-16)
2. Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross (19:17-30)
3. Jesus Is Buried In The Tomb (19:31-42)

Chapter 20 Jesus, Who Resurrected

1. The People Who Came To Visit The Empty Tomb (20:1-10)
2. The People Who Met The Risen Lord (20:11-23)
3. “Because You Have Seen Me, Have You Believed?” (20:24-31)

Chapter 21 The Lord’s Love For His Disciples

1. The Lord Appears At The Sea Of Galilee (21:1-14)
2. Do You Love Me? (21:15-25)

Epilogue: The Ascension And Another Helper

Additional Info
“After finishing the Passover meal and comforting the disciples and giving them several more lessons, Jesus began teaching about the work of the Holy Spirit. He told them that the Holy Spirit would come to convict and rebuke the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment.”

Footsteps of the Lord 2 is a book compiled from Dr. Jaerock Lee’s series “Lectures on the Gospel of John”(from John chapter 11 21). The Lord’s ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection are well explained in this book so that readers can be guided to the way of salvation, and receiving answers, love, and blessings.


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Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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