Footsteps Of The Lord 1


Author’s Note

Chapter 1. The Son Of God Who Came To This World
1. Jesus, The Word That Became Flesh (1:1-18)
2. The Testimony Of John The Baptist (1:19-34)
3. The Followers Of Jesus (1:35-51)

Chapter 2. Jesus Performs The First Sign
1. The Wedding Feast In Cana (2:1-12)
2. Stop Making My Father’s House A Place Of Business (2:13-25)

Chapter 3. The Secret To Being Born Again
1. The Conversation With Nicodemus (3:1-21)
2. The One Who Descends From Heaven (3:22-36)

Chapter 4. Jesus’ Method Of Evangelism
1. Jesus’ Conversation With The Samaritan Woman (4:1-26)
2. Jesus Teaches His Disciples (4:27-42)
3. The Second Sign In Cana (4:43-54)

Chapter 5. The Sign At The Pool Of Bethesda
1. The Man Who Was Healed After 38 Years Of Sickness (5:1-15)
2. The Jews Who Persecuted Jesus (5:16-30)
3. Jesus’ Testimony For The Jews (5:31-47)

Chapter 6. The Bread Of Life
1. The Sign Of The Two Fish And Five Loaves (6:1-15)
2. Jesus Who Walked On Water, And The Crowd Who Followed Him (6:16-40)
3. Eating The Flesh Of The Son Of Man And Drinking His Blood For Eternal Life (6:41-59)
4. The Disciples Who Left Jesus’ Side (6:60-71)

Chapter 7. The Teaching At The Feast Of Tabernacles
1. Jesus Goes To Jerusalem In Secret (7:1-13)
2. Jesus Reveals Himself At The Temple (7:14-31)
3. The Jews Try To Capture Jesus (7:32-53)

Chapter 8. The Truth Will Make You Free
1. Jesus Forgives The Woman Who Committed Adultery (8:1-11)
2. Jesus’ Message For The Jews (8:12-30)
3. The Freedom In The Truth (8:31-47)
4. The Jews Try To Stone Jesus (8:48-59)

Chapter 9. Jesus Heals A Blind Man
1. Go, Wash In The Pool Of Siloam (9:1-12)
2. The Blind Man Who Was Healed And The Pharisees (9:13-34)
3. Being Spiritually Blind (9:35-41)

Chapter 10. “I Am The Good Shepherd”
1. The Parable Of The Good Shepherd (10:1-21)
2. “I And The Father Are One” (10:22-42)

Additional Info
“God, who existed in the form of the Word, made Himself into the Triune God for the cultivation of man, and as the Trinity, He began the work of creation.”

Footsteps of the Lord 1 is a book compiled from Dr. Jaerock Lee’s series “Lectures on the Gospel of John”(from John chapter 1 10). This book vividly describes the Lord’s ministry. The secret of Jesus’ origin as well as the spiritual meaning embedded in Jesus’ birth, public ministry are well explained in this book so that readers can be guided to the way of salvation, and receiving answers, love, and blessings.


SKU (ISBN): 9788975576058
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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