Finding God : The Real Thing


While hiking high in the mountains, trying to find the elusive and beautiful white mountain goat that I knew was there, low clouds appeared suddenly, totally obscuring my vision. Airplane pilots call it zero zero visibility. Not only is it impossible to find the quarry, but if you proceed in such conditions, you are also in danger of making a wrong choice of direction, leading to one of those precipitous drops so common in these mountains, jeopardizing all your future. The current hazy religious atmosphere is similar. A serious searcher for satisfaction, truth, and the right way is surrounded by false claims, foggy ideas, and contradictory instructions. He cannot see the right way because of the fog, and if he chooses wrong, it can lead in the end to disaster forever. But God has cleared away the clouds in His inspired Book. He is not the author of confusion. Come, look, and allow Him to direct your way. The reward is the abundant life that lasts for eternity. He is the One who loves you the most, knows you the best, and never makes a mistake. Other books by Paul Weimer include With You Always, which is a collection of short accounts of experiences through many years of church planting and flying in Alaska, and The Shepherd and His Sheep, a devotional on John 10.


SKU (ISBN): 9781597810425
ISBN10: 1597810428
Paul Weimer
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2005
Publisher: Xulon Press

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