Ezra : Leader Of Moral Restoration


10 Lesson Bible Study

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Moral decay, hedonistic lifestyle, political controversy. Characteristics from contemporary culture? For the Hebrew people exiled to Babylon in 539 BC, those words typified the lifestyle to shich they had become accustomed.

Imagine being away from your homeland so long that the strange landscape, foreign people, and pagan customs are now familiar and comfortable – and the land of your birth seems nothing more than a distant dream. God’s Word and you Jewish faith in Him have faded into memory.

This was the regrettable situation the Hebrew people found themselves in. And when the impossible happened – a decree allowing them to return to their homeland – God planted a holy desire in the hearts of many Jews to return. Additionally, He commissioned the scribe Ezra to lead the return and, more importantly, to teach his people to love God and His Word once again.

The 10-week Bible Study examines the fascinating return of the Jewish people to their homes – and their faith – as they take a fresh look at the God of the ages. Each lesson provides challenging insights into the cultural, historical, and biblical background of the Book Of Ezra. God’s master design for His people is revealed once again as He continues to address a world in desperate need of moral restoration.


SKU (ISBN): 9780834118010
Editor: Jeannie McCullough | Marie Coody
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2002
Wisdom Of The Word Bible Study
Publisher: The Foundry Publishing – formerly Beacon Hill Pres

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