Exploring The Old Testament 3


Key To Panels
Map Of The Ancient Near East
1. Psalms
2. Hebrew Poetry
3. Wisdom And Wisdom Literature
4. Proverbs
5. Job
6. Ecclesiastes
7. Song Of Songs

Additional Info
Israel’s poets and sages left a scriptural legacy that has powerfully shaped the worship, thoughts and actions of the people of God. In the highs and lows and crossroads of life, we instinctively turn to their poetry, proverbs and discourses for the language we do not possess and the wisdom we desperately seek. Yet there is more to this literature than meets the eye–or fills the momentary need. A study of the Bible’s wisdom and poetry will dramatically enhance its power and effectiveness. From the depths of lament to the heights of praise, from the eroticism of the Song of Songs to the hard realism of Ecclesiastes, and from the aphorisms of Proverbs to the discourses of Job, this guide introduces readers to the ancient background, the literary artistry, and the varied and timeless messages of the Psalms and Wisdom literature. Ernest C. Lucas gives us an informed, illuminating and interactive introduction to this portion of Scripture. Sparkling with interest and geared to the needs of students, this is an excellent textbook introduction to the Psalms and Wisdom literature.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830853113
Ernest Lucas
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Exploring The Bible – InterVarsity Press
Publisher: InterVarsity Press



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