Exploring The Old Testament 1


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Key To Panels
1. What Is The Pentateuch? Basic Features
2. Genesis 1–11
3. Genesis 12–50
4. Exodus
5. Leviticus
6. Numbers
7. Deuteronomy
8. Theme Of The Pentateuch
9. Composition Of The Pentateuch
10. Rhetoric Of The Pentateuch
11. Epilogue

Additional Info
Exploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Pentateuch offers a clear overview of the “five books of Moses,” as well as an introduction to the historical and textual questions that modern scholarship has posed and the answers it has proposed. This critically informed, textually sensitive introduction to the Pentateuch introduces students to the basic features of the Pentateuchthe social world of the Biblethe latest scholarship on the composition of the Pentateuchliterary techniques and formstheme, composition and rhetorical function of the Pentateuch In this textbook you will find double-column formatting for ease of use, annotated bibliographies for further reading, sidebar explorations of select historical and textual topics in greater detail, a glossary of terms, and relevant charts and maps.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830853090
Gordon Wenham
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Exploring The Bible – InterVarsity Press
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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