Everything Weather : Facts, Photos, And Fun That Will Blow You Away


Weather can be wild, freaky, and fascinating! Powerful twisters roar through homes; earthquakes shatter whole cities; hurricanes fly through towns. How does it all happen and how do we know what we do? All you need to know about weather and all of its wildness will be found in the pages of this colorful, energetic, and accessible book. Kids will also learn about real-life encounters with wild weather from National Geographic tornado chaser, Tim Samaras, featured in Explorer’s Corners throughout the book. Packed with fun facts and amazing photographs, this book gives kids an in-depth look at these amazing natural phenomena.National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core


SKU (ISBN): 9781426310584
Binding: Unknown
Published: 2012
National Geographic Kids
Publisher: National Geographic


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