Evangelical Theological Method


Method In Systematic Theology: An Introduction-Stanley E. Porter And Steven M. Studebaker

Codifying God’s Word: Bible Doctrines/Conservative Theology-Sung Wook Chung
Living God’s Love: Missional Theology-John R. Franke
Framers And Painters: Interdisciplinary Theology-Telford C. Work
God In Human Context: Reflection On Theology’s Contextuality And Contextual Theology-Victor Ifeanyi Ezigbo
Confessing The Faith: A Trinitarian Method In Dogmatic Theology-Paul Louis Metzger

Response To Other Contributors-Sung Wook Chung
Response To Other Contributors-John R. Franke
Response To Other Contributors-Telford C. Work
Response To Other Contributors-Victor Ifeanyi Ezigbo
Response To Other Contributors-Paul Louis Metzger

What Have We Learned Regarding Theological Method, And Where Do We Go From Here? Tentative Conclusions-Stanley E. Porter And Steven M. Studebaker

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How should one approach the task of theology?The question of methodology is increasingly one of interest among theologians, who recognize that the very manner in which we approach theology informs both the questions we ask and the conclusions we reach. This volume in IVP’s Spectrum Multiview series brings together five evangelical theologians with distinctly different approaches to the theological task: Sung Wook ChungJohn R. FrankeTelford C. WorkVictor Ifeanyi EzigboPaul Louis MetzgerAfter presenting their own approach-which include appeals to Scripture, context, missions, interdisciplinary studies, and dogmatics-they respond to each of the other views. Emerging from this theological conversation is an awareness of our methodological commitments and the benefits that each can bring to the theological task.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830852086
Editor: Stanley Porter | Editor: Steven Studebaker
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Spectrum Multiview Books
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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