Emmaus Crib Shoes Baptism 6-12 Months


These cozy crib shoes are the perfect accessory for your little one, especially on the day of their Baptism. Not only do they feature ultra cozy material, but they also have a beautifully embroidered Catholic symbol. This symbol is a great way to teach your children and also help them to be comfortable sharing their faith from a young age. The symbol on these shoes is a symbol most commonly used to convey Baptism. The dove at the top is representative of the Holy Spirit who comes upon us when we are baptized. The shell is meant to signify resurrection. When we are baptized, we are reborn as children of God. Finally, the water is the waters of Baptism. The waters of Baptism wash away our sin.

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SKU (UPC): 731132307834

Color: White
Manufacturer: New Day Christian Distributors



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