Egermeiers ABC Bible Storybook


Delightful storybook that uses each letter of the alphabet to highlight some of the best-loved stories in the Bible. Captivating illustrations combine with Egermeiers text to create a collection of stories that will be read over and over again. Teachers and parents will love the way this book helps kids strengthen their knowledge of the alphabet while growing their faith through Bible stories.

Soft music underscores the reading of Egermeier’s ABC Bible Storybook to create a new audiobook that kids will listen to over and over again. Ideal for families on the go, listening in the car, or even before naptime, this audiobook helps children learn the classic Bible stories, aiding them in the memorization of stories they will keep in their hearts for a lifetime.


SKU (ISBN): 9781593171988
Elsie Egermeier | Illustrator: Laura Nikiel | Narrator: Ann Brandon
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2007
Publisher: Warner Press


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