Echoes Of Exodus


1. Hermeneutical Foundations
2. The Past Is Prologue: Creation And Exodus
3. The Exodus Motif: A Paradigm Of Evocation
4. The Psalms And The Exodus Motif
5. Isaiah’s Rhapsody
6. Exile And Post-exile: The Second Exodus Revisited
7. Jesus As The New Exodus In Mark And Matthew
8. The Exodus Motif In Luke-Acts
9. The Exodus Motif In Paul
10. The Exodus Motif In 1 Peter
11. The Exodus Motif In Revelation: Redemption, Judgment, And Inheritance
12. Conclusion
Appendix: Intertextuality
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Israel’s exodus from Egypt is the Bible’s enduring emblem of deliverance. It is the archetypal anvil on which the scriptural language of deliverance is shaped. More than just an epic moment, the exodus shapes the telling of Israel’s and the church’s gospel. From the blasting furnace of Egypt, imagery pours forth. In the Song of Moses Yahweh overcomes the Egyptian army, sending them plummeting to the bottom of the sea.

But the exodus motif continues as God leads Israel through the wilderness, marches to Sinai and on the Zion. It fires the psalmist’s poetry and inspires Isaiah’s second-exodus rhapsodies. As it pulses through the veins of the New Testament, the Gospel writers hear exodus resonances from Jesus’ birth to the gates of Jerusalem. Paul casts Christ’s deliverance in exodus imagery, and the Apocalypse reverberates with exodus themes.

In Echoes of Exodus, Bryan Estelle traces the motif as it weaves through the canon of Scripture. Wedding literary readings with biblical-theological insights, he helps us weigh again what we know and recognize anew what we have not seen. More than that, he introduces us to the study of quotation, allusion, and echo, providing a firm theoretical basis for hermeneutical practice and understanding.

Echoes of Exodus is a guide for students and biblical theologians, and a resource for preachers and teachers of the Word.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830851683
Bryan Estelle
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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