Disruptive Discipleship : The Power Of Breaking Routine To Kickstart Your F


Author Note
Introduction: We Can’t Not Change

Part I: Growing Restless
1. Feeling Stuck
2. Exploring Options
3. Making A Plan

Part II: Growing Deeper
4. Stepping Out In Faith: Adventures In Trust
5. Rediscovering Hope: Tests Of Endurance
6. Growing In Love: Experiments In Service

Part III: Growing Up
7. Translating Change
8. Navigating Valleys
9. Getting Unstuck Together

Epilogue: A Caution For Disciple Makers
Small Group Study Guide: Disruptive Discipleship With Others
Appendix A: What Jesus Knew About Experiential Education: A Bible Study
Appendix B: Design Templates For Disciple Makers
Additional Resources For Disciple Makers

Additional Info
Sometimes in the Christian life we get stuck. Something seems off, and we don’t know why. We may not even notice it at first. But we feel like God is far from our daily lives, or we lose hope for the future, or we don’t treat others in loving ways. What can we do? Sam Van Eman has found that our spiritual lives need disruptive experiences, which can jolt and reorient us for greater spiritual maturity. Out-of-the-ordinary activities such as a wilderness adventure or an international service trip can challenge our assumptions and give us space to consider new perspectives. And when we intentionally choose to pursue designed experiences, we stretch our faith in new and unexpected ways. Filled with concrete examples of how ordinary people are shaped by disruptive experiences, this book provides a path to deeper faith on purpose. Jesus disrupted his disciples with invitations to get out of their boats, leave their nets, and follow him. Have courage, and discover what those kinds of disruptions might look like for you.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830845088
Sam VanEman
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: InterVarsity Press



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