Crystals Mill Town Mystery


Crystal Blake has a lot on her mind. The mystery of opening an old safe to solve. A huge rodeo competition coming up. And mixed feelings over new friend, Shawn Sorensen, to figure out. And then there’s the conflict with Teresa Patterson. Will she be able to overcome her anger and jealousy? And why is she being threatened by men who claim to represent the Snake River Lumber Company? Crystal Blake and her friends discover a locked safe in a burned-out lumber mill and find they are not the only ones interested in its contents. Why is the Snake River Lumber Company offering Crystal a huge reward for an old safe no one can open? Crystal and Shawn are determined to discover what’s inside. Now, if only they could figure out the combination. With the mystery of the safe to solve, Crystal’s finding it hard to concentrate on the upcoming rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon, her biggest rodeo yet.


SKU (ISBN): 9798663210928
Stephen Bly | Janet Bly
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Crystal Blake Adventures # 4
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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