Covenant Of Marriage Study Guide


Join us as we explore the historic understanding of Covenant, and see how this understanding can be used to build a love-for-a-lifetime marriage.

What is Marriage?
Does it shift with every-changing cultural values?
Is it a contract written by God?
Do the two just figure it out?

Instead, marriage is a Covenant, a very definite thing. Sadly, its historically correct understanding has virtually disappeared from our culture. When questioned about Marriage, Jesus answered, “…in the beginning….” To understand marriage, consult God’s original definition. When two enter a Covenant, their identities are exchanged and changed; the two are joined by a bond of shared identity. This change and bond explain everything else we are to do. The two are to love each other as they love themselves–because the other has become an extension of one’s self. We love with actions when we feel the love, but feelings vary. Covenant is God’s detailed plan to bring our approach to our mate into line with reality. To love consistently, which builds the best marriage, many things within each must change. To build the relationship to its potential we must also learn to build ourselves–to grow, and grow together.


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Mark Johnson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2021
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing



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