Concerning Sin Righteousness And Judgment


Part 1 Concerning Sin…

Chapter 1 Salvation

The Creator God And Man
The Wall Of Sin Between God And Man
The True Meaning Of Salvation
The Method Of Salvation
The Providence Of Salvation Through Jesus Christ

Chapter 2 The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit

Who Is The Father God?
Father God – The Supreme Director Of Human Cultivation
Who Is The Son, Jesus Christ?
Jesus Christ The Savior
Who Is The Holy Spirit, The Helper?
The Work Of The Holy Spirit, The Helper
God The Trinity Fulfills The Providence Of Salvation

Chapter 3 Works Of The Flesh

Things Of The Flesh And Works Of The Flesh
Works Of The Flesh That Keep Man From Inheriting The Kingdom Of God
Evident Works Of The Flesh

Chapter 4 “Therefore Bear Fruit In Keeping With Repentance”

Bear Fruit In Keeping With Repentance
Do Not Suppose Abraham Is Your Father
“Every Tree That Does Not Bear Good Fruit Is Cut Down And Thrown Into The Fire”
The Fruit In Keeping With Repentance
People Who Bore The Fruits In Keeping With Repentance

Chapter 5 “Abhor What Is Evil; Cling To What Is Good.”

How Evil Is Displayed As Sin
To Cast Out Evil And Become A Person Of Goodness
An Evil And Adulterous Generation That Craves A Sign
The Forms Of Evil We Should Abhor

Glossary 1

Part 2 Concerning Righteousness…

Chapter 6 Righteousness That Leads To Life

Righteousness In God’s Sight
The One Act Of Righteousness Which Saves All Of Mankind
The Beginning Of Righteousness Is Believing In God
The Righteousness Of Jesus Christ Which We Must Emulate
The Way Of Becoming A Righteous Person
The Blessings For The Righteous

Chapter 7 The Righteous Shall Live By Faith

To Become A Truly Righteous Person
Why Do We Need To Become Righteous?
The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
How To Possess Spiritual Faith
Ways To Live By Faith

Chapter 8 To The Obedience Of Christ

Fleshly Thoughts Which Are Hostile Toward God
“Self-Righteousness” – One Of The Prime Fleshly Thoughts
Apostle Paul Broke Down His Fleshly Thoughts
The Righteousness Which Comes From God
Saul Disobeyed God With Fleshly Thoughts
The Way To Fulfill God’s Righteousness Through Faith

Chapter 9 He Whom The Lord Commends

He Whom The Lord Commends
To Be Approved By God
Nail Your Passions And Desires On The Cross
The Patriarchs Who Were Righteous Before God

Chapter 10 Blessing

Abraham, The Father Of Faith
God Considers Faith As Righteousness And Gives His Blessings
God Makes Quality

Additional Info
Today, there are many people who go on with their lives not even knowing what sin is, what righteousness is, and what judgment is all about. Even those who go to church don’t have assurance of salvation, and they live secular lives–just like everyone else in the world. Furthermore, they do not lead Christian lives that are righteous according to God, but righteous according to what they think is righteous. So Concerning Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment is the first book of the Holiness and Power sermon series which deals with how we can lead a successful Christian life by receiving forgiveness for our sins and by accomplishing the righteousness of God in our lives.

To confirm this teaching with evidence of His power, in the first session of the first day of our revival in 1993, God promised the blessing of conception for dozens of couples who were married for 5-6 years, and even as long as10 years without conceiving a child. By the end of the revival, almost all of these couples conceived and began raising families.
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