Choice To Show Up


Watch people and see how they show up to their world. More importantly, how do you show up? While most people want to show up as authentic, there seems to be a strong pull to be accepted, fit in, or make a mark in someway that is less than authentic. How we show up flows directly out of our story. The Choice to Show Up will inspire and motivate you to take a deeper look at how your story impacts your life and the choices you make each day to be your authentic self. Even more, you will be challenged to embrace the dignity of your story.

This book is one man’s transformational journey to showing up authentically. Because every person influences their environment, it’s also about being a transformational leader. Transformational leaders distinguish themselves from transactional leaders in life and in business. It’s not about getting from people what you want or focusing on WHAT you do. Rather, beliefs and behaviors first flow from WHO they are: authentic, honest, and humble. When you are around them, there is a strong sense of connection and energy of service.


SKU (ISBN): 9781950892204
ISBN10: 1950892204
Mark Freier
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2020
Publisher: CloverCroft – Carpenter’s Son Publishing



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