Book Of Revelation 2020 Edition


The book of Revelation captures the fullness of every biblical truth, wrapped up in the person and glory of Jesus Christ. It concludes the Bible with the passing away of all that is old and the establishment of all that is new.

Written to thrill and exhilarate the believer, Revelation is more than a manual of future events; it unveils the coming King to our hearts. It is for every church and every lover of God in every generation. It is for us to understand and embrace today as much as the early churches did.

The well of the Word beckons us to drink deeply, not merely to seek answers but to discover the glory of Jesus Christ and to live fully in his splendor.

A joyous blessing rests upon the one who reads this message and upon those who hear and embrace the words of this prophecy, for the appointed time is in your hands. Revelation 1:3


SKU (ISBN): 9781424563388
Translation: Passion
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Binding: Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC


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