Beyoutiful : Heal Your Relationship With Food


Martha’s tumultuous relationship with food started early. She started dieting at age 9 after bullies taunted her with names like “Big Bertha.” Her on-again, off-again diets didn’t work, and as Martha’s weight and self-image deteriorated, cycles of depression and anxiety plagued her relationships. Finally, in a desperate act of self-improvement, Martha discovered how to repair and heal the deeper reasons behind her unhealthy relationship with food.

Losing more than 100 pounds, permanently, Martha learned from her own failures and mistakes, losing weight while gaining a healthy and positive purpose. Today she uses her mess as her message and coaches others to overcome their unhealthy attitudes and behaviors toward food. Creator of the digital weight-loss company, #beMarthaFit, Martha teaches others how fixing your food can fix your life.

– Identify unhealthy attitudes toward food
– Discover underlying causes of food dependence
– Create strategies for your successful weight loss
– Manifest who you were meant to be


SKU (ISBN): 9781950948635
ISBN10: 1950948633
Martha Vancamp
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2021
Publisher: Freiling Publishing

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