Better Covenant


1. God’s Promise And God’s Fact
2. God’s Covenant
3. General Remarks On The New Covenant
4. The Surety Of The New Covenant
5. The New Covenant And Testament
6. The Characteristics Of The New Covenant: (1) Cleansing
7. The Characteristics Of The New Covenant: (2) Life And Power
8. The Characteristics Of The New Covenant: (3) Inward Knowledge
Final Word

Additional Info
The New Covenant is full of God’s grace. In order to enjoy such grace each one who belongs to the Lord must know what this New Covenant is. How sad that many of the Lord’s people today neither appreciate nor understand this New Covenant. For this reason we have a burden to release some messages on the New Covenant. Even so, the New Covenant is such a comprehensive subject that we cannot exhaust its richness with our limited learning, experience and words. Still, we look to God’s grace and are willing to share with His children the little we have received. Our earnest prayer is that God would enable us to know something of the New Covenant and lead us into its spiritual reality.


SKU (ISBN): 9780935008555
Watchman Nee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 1992
Publisher: Christian Fellowship Publications Inc.


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