Beauty Order And Mystery


Introduction: The Need For A Christian Vision Of Human Sexuality (Todd Wilson And Gerald Hiestand)

Part I: A Theological Vision For Sexuality
1. Mere Sexuality (Todd Wilson)
2. Embodied From Creation Through Redemption: Placing Gender And Sexuality In Theological Context (Beth Felker Jones)
3. How Should Gay Christians Love? (Wesley Hill)
4. Sexuality And The Church: How Pastoral Ministry Shapes A Theology Of Sexuality (Jeremy Treat)
5. Continuing The Task (Richard Mouw)

Part II: The Beauty And Brokenness Of Sexuality
6. Cutting The Fruit While Watering The Root: Selfies, Sexuality, And The Sensibilities Of The American Church (Daniel J. Brendsel)
7. The Transgender Test: Confronting Challenges To Biblical Christianity (Denny Burk)
8. Put Pain Like That Beyond My Power: A Christocentric Theodicy With Respect To The Inequality Of Male And Female Power (Gerald Hiestand)
9. Bent Sexuality And The Pastor (Joel Willitts)
10. The Wounded It Heals: Gender Dysphoria And The Resurrection Of The Body (Matthew Mason)

Part III: Biblical And Historical Reflections On Gender And Sexuality
11. Imaging Glory: 1 Corinthians 11, Gender, And Bodies At Worship (Amy Peeler)
12. Thomas Aquinas On Sexual Ethics (Matthew Levering)
13. One Soul In Two Bodies: Icons Of Sergius And Bacchus Then And Now (Matthew Milliner)
14. What Makes Sex Beautiful? Marriage, Aesthetics, And The Image Of God In Genesis 1-2 And Revelation 21-22 (Matt O’Reilly)

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Additional Info
Humans are sexual creatures.

Our sexuality can be a beautiful and mysterious expression of what it means to be human. But it can also become distorted and sinful.

Perhaps no issue is as urgent for the church today, or confronts it with as many questions, as human sexuality: What does it mean to fulfill God’s will through our sexuality? To what extent should our sexuality define who we are? How can we navigate cultural trends around sexuality while being faithful to Scripture?

The Center for Pastor Theologians (CPT) seeks to assist pastors in the study and production of biblical and theological scholarship for the theological renewal of the church and the ecclesial renewal of theology. Based on the 2016 annual CPT conference, this volume brings together the reflections of church leaders and academic theologians who seek to answer the urgent questions concerning human sexuality. Contributors engage with Scripture, draw on examples from church history, and delve into current issues in contemporary culture, including embodiment, marriage, homosexuality, pornography, transgenderism, and gender dysphoria.

Beauty, Order, and Mystery tackles difficult questions with discernment in order to offer a theological vision of faithful human sexuality for the church.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830853854
Editor: Gerald Hiestand | Editor: Todd Wilson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Center For Pastor Theologians
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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