Bapa-Ku Akan Memberikan Kepada – (Other Language)


Chapter 1. Ways To Receive God’s Answers

Chapter 2. We Still Need To Ask Him

Chapter 3. The Spiritual Law On God’s Answers

Chapter 4. Destroy The Wall Of Sin

Chapter 5. You Reap What You Have Sowed

Chapter 6. Elijah Receives God’s Answer By Fire

Chapter 7. How To Fulfill The Desires Of Your Heart

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“No amount or degree of man’s effort based on his thoughts, methods, fame, and knowledge will ever bring him God’s answers. Because God is a righteous Judge, hears our prayer, and answers it, He requires of us a befitting sum in exchange for His answers.”

This work My Father Will Give to You in My Name is a compilation of messages that were preached in the past for all believers, especially those who beyond doubt believe in the almighty God and desire to lead lives full of God’s answers.
This book will enable the reader to understand the law of the spiritual realm on receiving answers from God, who has promised to give us whatever we ask for in prayer, by testifying to His faithfulness.


SKU (ISBN): 9791126303571
Language: Indonesian
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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