Arch Books Treasury Life Of Jesus


Let your child discover our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through engaging story books: Arch Books! Arch Books are perfect for children ages 5-9 and offer sing-song rhythms and captivating pictures to help children easily learn important Biblical stories at a young age. The Life of Jesus Treasury of Arch Books comes with 12 different Arch Books that cover the entirety of Jesus’ lifetime from His birth in Bethlehem to the miracle of Easter.

Each book is Biblically accurate and ends with a parent letter to suggest life applications based on each story.

Features these Arch Books classics:
*Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem
*Clem, the Clumsy Camel
*The Boy Who Was Lost
*The Strange Young Man in the Desert
*The Little Sleeping Beauty
*The Seeds That Grew to Be a Hundred
*The Beggar’s Greatest Wish
*The Feast That Almost Flopped
*The Unforgiving Servant
*Sir Abner and His Grape Pickers
*The Bread and the Wine
*Kiri and the First Easter


SKU (ISBN): 9780758662996
Compiled by: Concordia Publishing House
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Published: 2020
Arch Books
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House



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