Adventures Of Rembrandt The Tuxedo Cat Rescues Marchie The Dairy Cow Out Of


Follow the adventures of Rembrandt, a young black and white tuxedo cat, as he helps other neighborhood animal friends.

In this third book of the series, The Adventures of Rembrandt, the Tuxedo Cat, Remy and Sophie have been waiting for their friend Marchie, the Dairy Cow’s, calf to be ready for a visit. When the day arrives for Remy and Sophie to introduce themselves to the new calf, Oreo, they come across Marchie in the pasture. As they get closer, they can see that she is not feeling well. Sophie stays with Marchie and Remy runs to the dairy farm and to get help from Alta, the Barn Cow. Remy tells Alta that something is wrong with Marchie. Alta shakes her head. She knows that Marchie is having trouble remembering to come in for milking. What will it take for Marchie to figure out her part in life on a farm and being a dairy cow?


SKU (ISBN): 9781954437210
ISBN10: 1954437218
Marsha Carroll | Illustrator: Izzy Bean
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2021
Adventures Of Rembrandt The Tuxedo Cat # 3
Publisher: CloverCroft – Carpenter’s Son Publishing


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