8 Critical Lifetime Decisions


Who will my friends be? What will I do for a living? How will I handle money? How will I deal with temptation? Who will my Master be? The quality of your life can be substantially improved by making good decisions in these and other key areas. In 8 Critical Lifetime Decisions, Ralph Palmen reveals principles that will help the reader discover new confidence, direction, and drive. The truths resulting from these eight decisions can be applied starting today. Regardless of age, occupation, previous setbacks, or unfulfilled dreams – change is possible starting with the next decision. Learning to make wise decisions helps make the rest of life’s choices easier, toppling impulsiveness and creating the freedom to be all that God intended.


SKU (ISBN): 9780834119314
Ralph Palmen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2002
Publisher: The Foundry Publishing – formerly Beacon Hill Pres

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