1 More Wish


As Christy blows out the 26 candles on her birthday cake, she closes her eyes and makes a wish.

Could this be the year that she and Todd finally have a baby?

They know that everything will change once they have a child. Are they ready for all the adjustments a new little one would bring? Christy isn’t sure.

But as her closest friends announce they are expecting, Christy’s heart carries an ache for a child of her own.
On their way home from Sierra’s wedding, Todd opens up the discussion of adoption and soon a simple invitation turns into a life-changing season. Christy’s patience and understanding are stretched beyond her limits, and she finds herself holding not just one baby in her arms, but two.

Everything Christy and Todd thought about family and hospitality shifts as the two of them dare to make one more wish and believe that God’s timing is flawless.


SKU (ISBN): 9780982877272
Robin Jones
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2015
Christy And Todd The Married Years # 3
Publisher: Robins Nest Productions, Inc.


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